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Site Update: ACLU Resources & the People Power Resistance Training

Information in this post will be permanently stored on the Helpful Tools and Apps page.

ACLU’s mobile app: iPhone and Android (check respective app stores – it’s free!).

Head over to the ACLU’s  Know Your Rights page to get information. This page has helpful material to inform citizens of their rights in various situations including when protesting and demonstrating, if they’re questioned about immigrant status, if stopped by the police, want to record the police, etc.

The ACLU has created an action network for citizens to resist the current administration and GOP-lead congress called People Power. The training below focuses on explaining your rights when demonstrating and protesting and what you can do to protect yourself and your fellow Americans if questioned by the police or are the subject of an ICE raid. ACLU is asking for people to help develop Freedom Cities. ACLU’s “Freedom Cities” plan brings local grassroots activists together and provides a blueprint for local-level campaigns to defend our communities and block the worst abuses of the Trump administration. Go to PeoplePower.org for more information.

This training is a motivational companion to the ACLU Know Your Rights information posted on on ACLU Nationwide’s site.

ACLU’s People Power Resistance Training (recorded on 3/11/2017).
Materials from the training:

ACLU’s 9 “model” state and local law enforcement policies and rules
Freedom Cities’ Action Guide

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