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Take Back the House (all 435 seats up for re-election)November 6, 2018
Get out the Vote

Every movement needs a pep talk now and again. Inspiring images will be posted here to celebrate.

1.21.17 Women’s March on Washington. Sister marches around the nation and world included millions of people. In L.A. alone, estimated 750,000 marched. (Getty Images)

1.24.17 Badlands National Park went rogue on Twitter posting climate change information. Other agencies followed.

Greenpeace placed a banner on a crane located a few blocks from the White House. 1.26.17 (Getty)


1.28.17, NYC

1.27.17 – 1.28.17 Protests began at JKF airport and spread across the country to other airports and state Capitols. (Getty Images)

Trump Travel Ban: Seattle Judge Grants Restraining Order

2.3.17. Federal judge granted Washington state’s AG motion for immediate restraining order on 45th president’s immigration ban. and bars federal officers from from enforcing the ban. Photo from the Patch.com

Republican Congressman Tom McClintock faced a packed auditorium and a rowdy crowd in his town hall meeting in Roseville on Saturday.

2.4.17. These don’t look like ‘paid protesters’ to me. They look like VOTERS. Turn out in Roseville, CA for  Republican Congressman Tom McClintock’s Town Hall meeting. Crowd chanted “vote him out.” If our congressional members won’t listen, that’s exactly what we’ll do.  Photo from the Sacramento Bee

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, tree and outdoor

02.05.17. Posted by ACLU Nationwide, West Palm Beach, FL. Photo by Lisa Pit Tilson

Everyone holding up their CO driver’s license to prove that it’s all Coloradans wanting to talk with with Senatory Cory Gardner. Photo and caption from IndivisibleNOCO.com


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