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As information becomes available, this page will be updated to capture the major marches planned in 2017.

The goal: keep showing up, demonstrating until our elected officials acknowledge our concerns. A note on attending protest or demonstrations including marches and other events like Town Halls: Remember to grab your patriotic accessories such a small American flag or lapel pin, etc. along with your protest signs.

Folks with a wide interest-base are showing up to be counted, share their values and outlook, and stand with other citizens against a political agenda that feels unsafe and is unconstitutional. Peaceful protests and marches can be the foundation to a movement’s sustainability as people often need to see others standing alongside them to be reminded that they are not alone. Simply put, participating in a march or demonstration is inspiring. It is also sends an important visual message to our elected officials – we are watching, we do not support the actions you are taking, and we will push back until we see policies that reflect our American values and beliefs.

Michael Moore has developed a nationwide Resistance Calendar where folks can post events. The site is searchable by location and it’s free to upload an event.

Before you head out, you may want to brush up on your rights to demonstrate and protest. Check out the ACLU Nationwide’s Know Your Rights page and this page’s digital security tips.

If you have information about a march including its name, date, location, and link, send a message through the Contact page.

Nationwide marches (and sister marches)

Tax Day March – various marches across the US (April 15th)

The March for Science – Scientists March on Washington & Sister Marches (April 22 – sign up for updates)

National Pride March on Washington on June 11

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