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Purpose of this Site

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DinneratthegrangeSince the founding days of our American Republic, ordinary citizens have gathered around dinner tables and in meetings halls to affect change. In the last decade with the rise of social networks, gathering face-to-face to discuss important issues all but disappeared. We’ve become a nation that has low voter turn out and we typically don’t engage our elected officials once they take office. Since the election, ordinary citizens have begun engaging with other like-minded folks and stepping forward to participate in the political process.

The Tea Party movement taught me an important lesson. If I want my values represented by elected officials, I need to engage in a meaningful way through direct, repeat actions.  While we may be angry and concerned by the recent bombardment of Executive Orders and congressional actions, most folks don’t have the tools to channel their frustration and outrage into sustainable, effective action. The problem is that we are bombarded with soundbites, half-truths, overwhelmed by ‘information,’ and may be feeling a bit worn thin…and this is only the beginning.

For the next few months, I anticipate we’ll be getting our bearings and responding to urgent action items. However, we need to keep an eye on the long-game and start playing offense. I made this site for YOU – the tools and source information, and tips to develop your resistance strategy; it’s meant to be read, bookmarked, returned to as you need information. 

Feel free to share this site far and wide – The site is divided into several pages, each dedicated to a specific resource topic to learn about (and track) state and federal legislation and presidential EOs, conduct direct actions (see Useful Tools and Apps and Tips on Contacting Elected Officials ) and opportunities to get involved.

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This site is NOT:

  • A place to express outrage about the actions/soundbites from the GOP Congress and Executive Branch. There’s enough of that on social media. Many of us are angry; we need to take action.
  • A place to disparage the efforts by others to resist. We’re in this together.

This site IS:

  • A site to be read and bookmark, an aid to develop a strategy and action plan.
  • A conglomeration of resources to take real-world, concrete action to affect change on political platforms, agendas, and their implementation. Use the resources like 5calls or a suggest app to track legislation and vote schedules to contact congressional members.
  • A guide to applying pressure to our elected officials so that our values are represented in the legislative agenda. Currently, my values are not being represented in Congress and the White House.
  • Information on events and Call to Action items.
  • A positive place to be reminded that if we are informed, we are stronger together and if we move forward together with a common goal, we will resist the new administration and Congress’ attempts to pull our nation asunder.

My Goals:

  • Use the tools on this site to stay focused and ignore the smoke screens meant to divert my attention.
  • Take effective action on singular issues (confirmations, legislation, actions to demonstrate against Executive Orders) while working towards the longer goal – win back the House in 2018.
  • Engage congressional members, applying pressure by lobbying them for/against specific legislation once it is introduced and taken up by a committee for review. As I wish to open and maintain a dialogue with Congress –  I’m watching, engaging, and I expect my values and beliefs to be represented…or I will work ardently to vote them out of office.
  • To help others get organized and create a strategy to take effective action.

Who am I?


The Grange in Harlem (NY, NY) Photo by Dinner at the Grange 10/2015

First and foremost, I ardently believe in this country and its citizens. I am a scientist whose work focuses on policy and legislation; I am a US history geek whose reading has focused on the American Revolution, founding years, & the Constitution’s drafting and application. My name is Jenn Garrison; I live in a blue state but was raised in several red-led or swing states. I am the author of the text unless otherwise noted and cited. It was complied without partisan bias and directly links to source information as much as possible. I’ve gathered it here for you to use – on my own time; this isn’t in any way a revenue generator. If you find the site useful and share information from it, please be respectful by providing appropriate citation and linking back to Dinner at the Grange.

I purposefully chose a name that wouldn’t be glaring or attract too much negative attention. I wanted something that sounded inviting to all who are in need of citizen tools and information. Alexander Hamilton has been my inspiration for many years and as such, I’m paying homage to him and his contributions to our nation. The Grange is the home he built on north Manhattan Island (now Harlem). May his passionate love of politics and belief in our Republic energize and rejuvenate me until we have leaders who believe environmental regulations are important, climate change is REAL, and all Americans have equal rights and protection under the Constitution.

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